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See that blinky brown Top Baby Blogs button on the right sidebar? ———–> The one that looks just like this one here: ? Well, they’re both connected to this link and if you click either of them (or the link itself a few words back), then you’re voting for me … Continue reading

Some Silliness

This was supposed to be a post about what features I’ve inherited from each parent (Mommy’s eyes, Daddy’s chin) and a comparison between one of my pictures and a photo-combination of Mommy and Daddy through – and it was all written… but was uncooperative and would not work, … Continue reading


Henry and I made up a brand new, superfun game this morning! Here’s how it goes: I play on my playmat with one of my toys. Henry watches for a while.Then, Henry comes and takes my toy and runs away!Hmmmmm……Mommy convinces Henry to bring my toy back.Then (and this is … Continue reading