Apr 10

Lulu, 27 Months


I know. I *know.* It’s been awhile, and poor Lulu is just a neglected second child, blah, blah, blah. We’ve been busy, okay? Anyway. Lulu is SO 2.  Terrible and terrific and wild and adorable; she is a handful! People are constantly guessing she is 3, not just because she is tall, but because she …

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Apr 08

Enter for a Chance to WIN a Family 4-Pack of Tickets for Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure!

Disney Live!

Do you have a Jake and the Never Land Pirates fan in your house?  How about Sofia the First? We have both, so we are *psyched* to be working with Feld Entertainment to promote Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure! The show will be coming to Webster Bank Arena from April 25th-27th, AND? I …

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Mar 18

Drive-By Blogging


I have limited time, and what I do have is reserved for much needed rest, but I have a few quick stories too cute not to share – and also I’m afraid that various relatives and friends will form a lynch mob if I don’t post some updated pics… There is SO much more to …

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Mar 04

A Tale of Two City Field Trips


So. Remember last week how I was all “Look at me, rocking this Mommy gig?” Bwahahahaha! I forgot the cardinal rule of internet karma: NEVER blog parenting brags! Your baby potty-trained himself at age 2? Keep that to yourself. Newborn sleep through the night at a week and a half? Enjoy your sleep and SHUSH. …

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Feb 13

Rocking It

So. This Mommy thing is HARD, you guys. Beyond the physical challenges of pregnancy and then functioning like a reasonable human in the midst of torture-level sleep deprivation, there is the sensory overload of being needed and yelled at and clung to and boogered on 24 hours a day. It is very easy to focus …

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Feb 04

Crazy Mommy Fitness Challenge

Crazy Mommy Fitness Challenge Days 11-20

Some of you may know that I have been on Weight Watchers for about a year now, and have lost about 43 pounds. I’ve recently hit a plateau, so I’m stepping up my gym attendance, and to help me break through I’m trying out a few fitness challenges from around the web. I’m on Day …

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Jan 30

Another Thrilling Tale of Woe

puke face

So. Remember how in a total mom fail moment I probably got us banned from the New City McDonald’s for life? The puking didn’t stop there, my friends. Yesterday evening, we got home after rehearsal and dinner, and Cole complained of a tummy ache before bed. Genius that I am, I sent him to sleep …

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Jan 28

Mom of the Year: My Glamorous Day

mother of the year

A few weeks ago, a friend complimented me as “having it all together.” (Stop laughing, Adam.) She went on to ask how I kept everything organized. Less than 7 days later, I missed a meeting with the same friend because I completely forgot about it. Whoops! I don’t have ANYTHING “all together” is what I’m …

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Jan 22

Lulu turned 2! Our Mermaid Party

mermaid party

Lulu loves Ariel, and jumped on board with the idea of a mermaid party as soon as Cole suggested it when we were brainstorming themes. She sat beside me as I consulted Pinterest and chose her favorite ideas – which she was THRILLED to see put into action for her birthday party last weekend! The …

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Jan 20

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/12-1/18


Quick drive by photo dump… I *promise* Mommy will get to my party pics and a 2-year milestone post soon! Sunday Mommy headed back into work after several weeks off. Monday What do we do on Mondays? All together now: Aardvarks! Cole and I practiced the back float in the tub. Tuesday Cole insisted on …

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