Jun 23

A Tale of a Lost (and Found!) Lovey


Remember Pink Bunny*? Pink Bunny is still dearly loved, but his place in Lulu’s heart is now shared with Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse has lost one of the bows on her shoes, and her dress is not nearly as pink as it once was. Her fur is velveted from wear, and she has taken more …

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Jun 19

29 Months: Lulu Edition


or “How My Pretty Princess Sister Has Turned into Some Sort of Hell Demon and is Trying to Drive Mommy Mad” Hey, you guys! Long time… I’ve been VERY busy in pre-K, so Mommy has sort of taken over around here, and it might be time to pass over the reins; while I’ve graduated pre-school, …

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Jun 10

Dinner Out

To the Couple Seated Next to Us at The Bonefish Grill Last Night, I heard you. As the host walked us – me, my husband, and our two small children, hopping with excitement over the prospect of the kids’ menu and crayons they were about to get – past you, you rolled your eyes. “Oh …

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Jun 04

May Crafties


It’s June. I know. I KNOW. We are heading into the end of the school year around here – which means Cole is finishing up pre-K4 (::sob::), and Adam graduated with his THIRD Master’s this month. I have gone into crazy Class Mom overdrive – we finished the yearbook last week, put the finishing touches …

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May 02

Breakfast of Champions


Unless you are *brand* new here, you know that Lulu and I go to Music for Aardvarks on Mondays – and have been going since she was in utero. Cole began his classes with Luke at 10 months old, when we went to a free trial class; not only did we find our favorite Mommy …

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Apr 25

Love, Jake and Sofia – Review: Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate and Princess Adventure!


We love all things Disney around here… Cole’s bedroom has a Toy Story theme, and Lulu was Ariel for Purim (<– if you haven’t seen that picture you should go take a look because really? CUTE.) this year.  Our television is programmed to tune to Disney Junior automatically when it is turned on, and our DVR …

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Apr 10

Lulu, 27 Months


I know. I *know.* It’s been awhile, and poor Lulu is just a neglected second child, blah, blah, blah. We’ve been busy, okay? Anyway. Lulu is SO 2.  Terrible and terrific and wild and adorable; she is a handful! People are constantly guessing she is 3, not just because she is tall, but because she …

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Apr 08

Enter for a Chance to WIN a Family 4-Pack of Tickets for Disney Junior Live on Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure!

Disney Live!

Do you have a Jake and the Never Land Pirates fan in your house?  How about Sofia the First? We have both, so we are *psyched* to be working with Feld Entertainment to promote Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure! The show will be coming to Webster Bank Arena from April 25th-27th, AND? I …

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Mar 18

Drive-By Blogging


I have limited time, and what I do have is reserved for much needed rest, but I have a few quick stories too cute not to share – and also I’m afraid that various relatives and friends will form a lynch mob if I don’t post some updated pics… There is SO much more to …

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Mar 04

A Tale of Two City Field Trips


So. Remember last week how I was all “Look at me, rocking this Mommy gig?” Bwahahahaha! I forgot the cardinal rule of internet karma: NEVER blog parenting brags! Your baby potty-trained himself at age 2? Keep that to yourself. Newborn sleep through the night at a week and a half? Enjoy your sleep and SHUSH. …

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