Bar Mitzvah… Managed

See what I did there? Last weekend Cole (and Adam) had a Harry Potter-themed B'nai Mitvah. All temple photography by the incomparable Angie Gaul from Milestone Images. Not only does Angie capture beautiful images, she is patient and kind with Cole, and I am lucky enough to call her a … Continue reading

Have you met my Instant Pot?

Pretty much everyone who has known me more than 5 minutes knows I do not cook; I have neither the talent nor the affinity for it. It's just not my thing - and as long as there is someone else around to feed me and/or takeout available, I didn't really see it as a priority. I could make … Continue reading

Cole’s Turtle Project

Cole decided that he wanted a turtle - AND that he wanted to pay for all of the materials and supplies on his own. But he is 10 and does not have a job, so how to make the money? was born! Cole spent weeks researching and writing Best Pet Turtle Species in the World - he is taking … Continue reading


2019 was long. And hard. We all really, really needed a vacation last December and it just didn't happen - and then there was no part of the past 12 months that offered a respite. It felt like our family was hit over and over again with one thing after another. It was the year of … Continue reading