Dec 30


In order to really understand this anecdote, you will need a bit of back story. The Perone family has a bit of a competitive streak. As in, when Adam and I first started dating, he quickly learned to refuse to play Uno with me; he didn’t like that I formed alliances. We play trivia games …

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Dec 20

Oh, hey. 2016 is almost over.

Hi! Let’s just ignore that I haven’t been here in a while. Update? The Ludwigs are BUSY! Adam opened a new music studio, Cole is in 2nd grade and active in Hebrew school, gymnastics, Cub Scouts, Nerd Squad, and now diving! Lulu is in preK4 (don’t even look at me at the end of the …

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Nov 19

He is only 6.

This is going to be so quick, but it’s too long for a Facebook status update, and must be written down for posterity – so it has dragged me out of this weird unplanned blog retirement. I’m pretty sure world domination is in Cole’s future… A little back story: We have sticker charts for various …

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Dec 31

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Having a membership at the Bronx Zoo makes it a no brainer activity for school vacations when we are casting about for something to do; we go there so often, Cole could practically lead tours! He knows how to navigate to his favorite animal exhibits, can identify the differences between peacocks and peahens, is perpetually …

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Dec 15

Prima Ballerina

Admittedly, I am totally biased, but my kids are the cutest ever. Seriously. Lulu has been taking ballet/tap/Princess Dance class for a little over a month, and they had a holiday showcase this weekend; obviously, she is gifted. {There is a pretty adorable video here – if you are reading on your email, and don’t …

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Nov 12

Things You Might Get If You Don’t Make a Baby Registry

So. I have these relatives, let’s call them Plain & Peanut. Plain and Peanut are determined to crush Grammy Boo’s and my party-planning, gift-giving hearts. Plain and Peanut got married half a world away and never had a reception, they never had a bridal shower, and now they are expecting a Mini. They denied us …

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Oct 09

All the Baby Mamas!

I have always wanted to participate in a flash mob. Well, not always, be ever since I knew they were a thing, I knew I wanted to be in one. If I had one SHRED of talent, I would be trying hard to get onto Broadway – I *love* singing and dancing and theater, and …

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Sep 25

Protected: September

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sep 05

Back to School

Cole’s first day of kindergarten was yesterday – and we all lived to tell the tale. We took the obligatory first day of school pic: (Grammy Boo opened the door from the inside right after this was taken and Cole fell backwards into the house. Oops!) We waited for the bus: And then I followed …

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Aug 31


Five is… I’m not even sure what 5 is yet – Cole has only been 5 years old for a week, and we’re still getting used to it around here. I can tell you what 5 is NOT. Five is NOT a baby anymore. While I could get away with babying my four-year-old preschooler, FIVE …

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