Vintage Video

Just a quick look back here – I was searching for a file on my computer when I came across this gem; this video was taken in January of 2011, so Cole was about one and a half – look how little! Here, he demonstrates his mad sign language skillz, … Continue reading

Baby on Back

International Babywearing Week is October 8 – 14, and you *know* we love our babywearing around here! Mommy wore me at the Pumpkin Blaze on Saturday night, and I still frequently choose riding on her back over the stroller, given the choice. In honor of the occasion, we have a … Continue reading

8 Months

Poor Baby lulu – she is so clearly the second child.  Neglect-o-baby!  Monday, as I’ve mentioned, was my first day of school – but it was also Baby Lulu’s 8 monthday and her first day of Music for Aardvarks – and yet you’ve heard nothing of that, have you? AND … Continue reading