All the Baby Mamas!

I have always wanted to participate in a flash mob. Well, not always, be ever since I knew they were a thing, I knew I wanted to be in one. If I had one SHRED of talent, I would be trying hard to get onto Broadway - I *love* singing and dancing and theater, and the whole thing. The kind of people … Continue reading

Vintage Video

Just a quick look back here - I was searching for a file on my computer when I came across this gem; this video was taken in January of 2011, so Cole was about one and a half - look how little! Here, he demonstrates his mad sign language skillz, and his high tolerance for slow service. Not. He … Continue reading

iPhone Videos

I LOVE Suzanne's "Week in Phone Photos" posts, but have never really considered linking up for 2 reasons:Until recently, Mommy had an iPhone 3GS - which she loved dearly, but it did NOT take good pictures.Maybe it was just one reason.  I *feel* like there was a second one, but now I can't think of … Continue reading