All the Baby Mamas!

IMG_2962I have always wanted to participate in a flash mob. Well, not always, be ever since I knew they were a thing, I knew I wanted to be in one. If I had one SHRED of talent, I would be trying hard to get onto Broadway – I *love* singing and dancing and theater, and the whole thing. The kind of people who would burst into song within the course of their everyday lives? THOSE are my people.

I am not a quiet person. And I am kind of unembarassable.

A few years ago, during International Babywearing Week, someone in the city was tossing around the idea of a Babywearing Flash Mob. This was the Best Idea Ever. Babywearing AND Dancing in Public? Sign me up. Unfortunately, there were logistical problems at the time, and the would-be organizer didn’t actually end up organizing anything, so my dream was crushed. Until yesterday.

I recently became certified as a babywearing educator for my local Babywearing International chapter – and the Social Media/Events coordinator. So I coordinated my own Flash Mob!

It. Was. Awesome.

There was a fe hours in the morning where I was *convinced* that no one else would show up and I would be dancing all by myself, but my fears were unfounded – there were 15 of us, and one or two intended to come but couldn’t for one reason or another. We had so much fun – and an excellent response – so much so that I may need to plan another one!

Enough talk. Wanna see?

This was taped by a bystander. Coach came to record as well – this was his view:

So many thank yous to all my wonderful baby mama friends who danced with me, and to Leigh, for permission to use her quite perfect song!


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