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Dec 31

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Having a membership at the Bronx Zoo makes it a no brainer activity for school vacations when we are casting about for something to do; we go there so often, Cole could practically lead tours! He knows how to navigate to his favorite animal exhibits, can identify the differences between peacocks and peahens, is perpetually …

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Jun 23

A Tale of a Lost (and Found!) Lovey

Remember Pink Bunny*? Pink Bunny is still dearly loved, but his place in Lulu’s heart is now shared with Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse has lost one of the bows on her shoes, and her dress is not nearly as pink as it once was. Her fur is velveted from wear, and she has taken more …

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Mar 04

A Tale of Two City Field Trips

So. Remember last week how I was all “Look at me, rocking this Mommy gig?” Bwahahahaha! I forgot the cardinal rule of internet karma: NEVER blog parenting brags! Your baby potty-trained himself at age 2? Keep that to yourself. Newborn sleep through the night at a week and a half? Enjoy your sleep and SHUSH. …

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Oct 28

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/20-10/26

This fall is kicking our tushies, you guys. Daddy has *one more* semester of school left before he completes his third Master’s, and we’re hoping that once that is done our schedule feels a little easier… but realistically, when Daddy is finished Mommy will be heading back to school, so it will just be a …

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Jun 20

Pet a Shark and Feed a Lorikeet at the Norwalk Aquarium

I have loved visiting the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk since my Grandma Jean took me there over 20 years ago; I have vivid memories of being SUPER excited to pet the sea stars in the touch tank. Since those days, I have loved taking my cousins to visit, and now my own children. The aquarium …

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May 04

A Day with Dinosaurs

We had such a great time at Field Station: Dinosaurs last year that when we were invited to participate in their blogger event this year, we jumped at the chance! My interest in dinosaurs has not waned at all in the past year; if anything, I think I’ve learned more and was MORE excited! Mommy …

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Mar 30

Legoland Discovery Center at Ridge Hill

We are so, so excited that a brand new Legoland Discovery Center has opened up in Westchester – the first one on the east coast and it’s 20 minutes from home!  Mommy and I got to check it out last week, and you guys? That place is super awesome. Upon entering the Discovery Center, you …

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Mar 14

Wandering Around the World of Wings

We are always looking for new things to do with the kids – *especially* at the end of a very long winter, when yet another trip to the mall is less than exciting, and the playgrounds are still too muddy and cold to go to. By the end of February, we’ve exhausted all of our …

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Jan 08

Thomas at the New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show

You guys? I have NEVER been more glad to have a {small} social media presence as I was a few weeks ago when Mommy procrastinated on buying our train show tickets and then they sold out AS she was entering her credit card information. A few tweets and a DM convo later, and the tickets …

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Sep 28

Dinosaur Adventure!

This post is way, way, WAY overdue – we actually went to Field Station Dinosaurs over a month ago! Mommy put a “no present” clause on my birthday invite (crazy, right?), but Aunt Angela cheated a little and subsidized our trip to go see Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs. You guys? Did you catch that? Life. …

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