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Jan 20

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/12-1/18

Quick drive by photo dump… I *promise* Mommy will get to my party pics and a 2-year milestone post soon! Sunday Mommy headed back into work after several weeks off. Monday What do we do on Mondays? All together now: Aardvarks! Cole and I practiced the back float in the tub. Tuesday Cole insisted on …

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Jan 15

Our Week(s) in iPhone Photos: 12/22-1/11

Happy New Year! We headed back into reality, and it was a rough transition from vacation… We had a really great holiday with Uncle David and Aunt Angela, and Aunt Rebecca, and Grandma, and then we drove off to New Hampshire for a week! ¬†Daddy gave Mommy a new computer for the holidays, which was …

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Dec 23

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/15-12/21

It’s VACATION! Yay! Not that that means there is anything less going on around here; in fact, we are busier than ever in our pre-trip crunch time, but at least Daddy is home from school… Sunday There was snow, so of course we HAD to test out our boots. I took a nap while Mommy …

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Dec 16

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/8-12/14

No time for words – this week was a blur, and the next 10 days have SO much crammed into them it’s ridiculous. If you’ve been thinking to yourself, I sure would like to hang out with those delightful Ludwig kids while their mom runs errands goes shopping has a manicure takes a nap, this …

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Dec 09

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/1-12/7

Whew! It’s kind of a miracle that we not only survived this week, but took pictures! The next 7 days are only mildly less frantic, but at least we are only double-booked, and not triple-booked every night… and before we know it, it will be December break and we will have a week or so …

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Dec 02

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/24-11/30

This week was Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and a few days off for Daddy, and now we are jumping into CRAZY overtime. From now until winter break we will be on the run – and if Mommy makes it until Friday this week she is going to need a very long nap. Sunday Lazy Sunday morning …

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Nov 25

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/17-11/23

Hanukkah is coming THIS week! Whee! We have so many posts lined up AND auditions for Mommy’s show are next week, so we are about to get even *busier* around here! See you in March when all of this blows over… Sunday Cole and Daddy went grocery shopping and to the movies, and I took …

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Nov 18

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/10-11/16

What a week! We started *and* ended our week at the new play space in the mall; we will have a ton more to say about that – and maybe a giveaway! In the meantime, Hanukkah is almost upon us – we better start hustling with our shopping… We HAVE gotten our cards out already, …

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Nov 11

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/3-11/9

I know I’m supposed to have an intro here of some sort for the week, but you guys? Tired. So let’s just jump in, k? Sunday Mommy had work on Sunday morning, but there were cookies for her birthday! Daddy took us to Starbucks for a treat… And then we went for a hike! AND …

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Nov 04

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/27-11/2

Every week people comment to Mommy how much we do, and usually we are kind of perplexed – it’s just the way our schedule is, you know? But this week? This week, you guys, we crammed a TON into our 7 days. Last week, we ended up with a super awesome Saturday outing at the …

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