Our Week(s) in iPhone Photos: 12/22-1/11

Happy New Year! We headed back into reality, and it was a rough transition from vacation… We had a really great holiday with Uncle David and Aunt Angela, and Aunt Rebecca, and Grandma, and then we drove off to New Hampshire for a week!  Daddy gave Mommy a new computer for the holidays, which was a lovely surprise, but it is a Mac and her old one is a PC, so it has taken some time to get her sealegs; the photo uploading, in particular, is not quite the same as she is used to. Unfortunately, the longer we wait, the more daunting this task becomes – and we have other posts just piling up: I turned 2 last Friday, and had a mermaid party to show you guys, for example! SO, instead of our usual, somewhat organized, captioned weekly post, we’re going to throw a bunch of pics from the past few weeks at you and call it good enough.  Sorry! Hopefully we’ll be back on our game soon.

12/22 – 12/28

IMG_5448IMG_5475 IMG_5490 IMG_5518 IMG_5513 IMG_5507 IMG_5516 IMG_5525 IMG_5544 IMG_5567 IMG_5562 IMG_5552 IMG_5571 IMG_5585 IMG_5589
Highlights from this week were Cole decorating cookies for the Christmas feast our temple prepared for a local shelter, me playing with the Christmas mouse at Grandma’s house, Henry getting to go to Camp Grandma for the week while we were away, taking a swim in the giant tub at the time share in New Hampshire, playing in the Rey Center, and Cole trying out single-blade ice skates for the first time.

12/29 – 1/4

IMG_5614 IMG_5616 IMG_5628 IMG_5649 IMG_5654 IMG_5658 IMG_5664 IMG_5669 IMG_5677 IMG_5682

IMG_5701 IMG_5710

IMG_5866 IMG_5839 IMG_5826 IMG_5784 IMG_5752 IMG_5738 IMG_5722 IMG_5719
This week’s pics are all out of order, but I’m pretty sure the only people left reading are Grammy Boo and maybe Cousin Amy, so I’m just going to power through and get this over with. Highlights – skiing, craft & story time at the Curious George Cottage, playing with our new toys, couch naps, our harrowing trip home in the snow & our sushi dinner stop, ad Cousin M’s birthday party.

1/5 – 1/11

IMG_6049These pictures all uploaded in backwards order for some reason, but we probably have even lost Grammy Boo by now, so ONWARD.
IMG_6034This was my birthday party. There will be a ton more pics in a specific Mermaid Party post to come.
IMG_5998Smiley face
IMG_5993Poor Cousin Amy came to help us prepare for the party, and then was stuck sleeping over because of black ice, so she to sucked into Mommy’s Crazy. Exhibit A: Icing the cake at 2AM.
IMG_5979Cole paid for my birthday present with money he earned himself.
IMG_5974He spent a long time picking out the perfect doll.
IMG_5972Mommy headed tot he grocery store for some last minute supplies, and I napped.
IMG_5933In the middle of the Polar Vortex, negative 10 degrees out, and Cole picked frozen yogurt for lunch.
IMG_5922Not sure what I’m doing here, but who doesn’t love a happy Lulu pic?
IMG_5881Daddy’s homemade chili and cornbread from scratch.

Cole was supposed to go skiing with Coach on Sunday, but he slept through it.

Phew! That was rough.If any of you are still with us…why??? We’ll be back to a more organized mess around here soon, we hope!

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  1. Those are all so cute! Love them! :)-Ashley

  2. I love these updates happy birthday lulu

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