Why I March

I was privileged to be a part of history in the making on Saturday. I don't know that I have the words to adequately explain my motivation for attending the Women's March or the overwhelming emotion of the day, but I am going to try. When my children ask about this election and where I stood, I … Continue reading


Five is... I'm not even sure what 5 is yet - Cole has only been 5 years old for a week, and we're still getting used to it around here. I can tell you what 5 is NOT. Five is NOT a baby anymore. Five is a definite sign that you must graduate the child from toddler classes to kindergarten. While I … Continue reading

May Crafties

It's June. I know. I KNOW. We are heading into the end of the school year around here - which means Cole is finishing up pre-K4 (::sob::), and Adam graduated with his THIRD Master's this month. I have gone into crazy Class Mom overdrive - we finished the yearbook last week, put the finishing … Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions

Unless you are *brand* new here, you know that Lulu and I go to Music for Aardvarks on Mondays - and have been going since she was in utero. Cole began his classes with Luke at 10 months old, when we went to a free trial class; not only did we find our favorite Mommy & Me activity, but that was … Continue reading

A Tale of Two City Field Trips

So. Remember last week how I was all "Look at me, rocking this Mommy gig?" Bwahahahaha! I forgot the cardinal rule of internet karma: NEVER blog parenting brags! Your baby potty-trained himself at age 2? Keep that to yourself. Newborn sleep through the night at a week and a half? Enjoy your sleep … Continue reading