Why I March

I was privileged to be a part of history in the making on Saturday. I don't know that I have the words to adequately explain my motivation for attending the Women's March or the overwhelming emotion of the day, but I am going to try. When my children ask about this election and where I stood, I … Continue reading


Five is... I'm not even sure what 5 is yet - Cole has only been 5 years old for a week, and we're still getting used to it around here. I can tell you what 5 is NOT. Five is NOT a baby anymore. While I could get away with babying my four-year-old preschooler, FIVE is kindergarten. It's a whole … Continue reading

Dinner Out

To the Couple Seated Next to Us at The Bonefish Grill Last Night, I heard you. As the host walked us - me, my husband, and our two small children, hopping with excitement over the prospect of the kids' menu and crayons they were about to get - past you, you rolled your eyes. "Oh geez." Maybe you … Continue reading

Rocking It

So. This Mommy thing is HARD, you guys. Beyond the physical challenges of pregnancy and then functioning like a reasonable human in the midst of torture-level sleep deprivation, there is the sensory overload of being needed and yelled at and clung to and boogered on 24 hours a day. It is very … Continue reading

Dr. Andy

After my last post, there has been a little bit of a backlash against Dr. Andy, so I just wanted to clarify: We LOVE him. Yes, he can be a bit over-dramatic at times, but that probably just balances out my own very lax attitude. You guys? I had no idea Cole couldn't breathe for over a MONTH. So … Continue reading