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It’s June. I know.


We are heading into the end of the school year around here – which means Cole is finishing up pre-K4 (::sob::), and Adam graduated with his THIRD Master’s this month. I have gone into crazy Class Mom overdrive – we finished the yearbook last week, put the finishing touches on a graduation project this morning, and generally live at the school. Poor Lulu just gets dragged along wherever I’m going!

Six Totes Adorbs Craft Projects {}May saw some action on my hot glue gun, and I wanted to share a few Pinterest triumphs. (Oh, how I love Pinterest.) It’s too late to use these for your own teacher appreciation/Mother’s Day gifts this year, but posting them early would have ruined the surprise – so maybe you can try one next year if you’re so inclined? Or an end of year teacher gift?  Each of these projects cost well under $10, and most took less than 20 minutes to put together. Inexpensive and easy for the win!  Where I can, I’ll be putting affiliate links in here. So I can start making my millions off the blog. You know.

Rainbow Cakes in a Jar

IMG_8895These came out delicious and super cute – I was a little worried after finding a BUNCH of different failed versions online. Because really? If anyone can take a simple craft and mess it up? That’d be me. ESPECIALLY if there’s anything resembling cooking involved.  Elena over at Craftibilities has the full directions AND a free printable for the cute tag.  I used a copycat Magnolia Bakery recipe for thecake and the frosting, but most of the rest was as she instructed.

  • Jars – I found my cute little jars in the wedding section of AC Moore (on sale! with a coupon! That NEVER happens.), but these would work well.
  • Gel Food Coloring – Make sure you use the gel kind to get the nice, vibrant colors.
  • Spoons – So your lucky gift getter can dig right in. Get them at the dollar store.

Flower Pen Bouquet in Mini Mason Jar Vase

IMG_9007It is kind of embarrassing how simple these were. I managed not to bookmark the original site I saw these on, but really they are everywhere. If you really need some directions, a simple search will get them for you.  Faux flowers + stick pen + floral tape = Easy, adorable gift.  I found the tiny Mason jar mugs at AC Moore, but almost any small container would work.  I found directions after I had already given my bouquets that recommended using a layer of Mod Podge to seal the “stem,” so I think I might do that next time.

Mini Key Fobs

IMG_9041Grammy Boo bought me a sewing machine this winter, and I really want to learn how to use it – Lulu will be SWIMMING in pillow case dresses! I found this project on She’s Kinda Crafty, and it seemed like something I could handle. Throw in cheesy pun gift tag and this was DEFINITELY a craft for me! My sewing lines might not be the straightest, but I as pleased with how the fobs came out – I will definitely be making these again in the future.

  • Hardware<– Not an affiliate link, I <3 Etsy.
  • Ribbon – so many pretty colors and patterns!
  • Pliars – I just used regular pliars with fabric wrapped around the tips.

Nail Files & Nail Polish

IMG_9054This does not even count as a craft because really, it was just a matter of cute presentation. I picked up a few bottles of bright nail polish, and coordinating nail files. This was another She’s Kinda Crafty inspiration, and I mostly copied her punny gift tag, but I used my own background/colors.  This is a foolproof last minute gift.

Orange You Glad It’s Summer?

IMG_9243I saw these BPA free insulated cups at Christmas Tree Shop, and thought they’d be great – especially once I popped a mini bottle of margarita mix inside! Keri at Shaken Together inspired the “orange you glad” tagline, and it was pretty easy to Google image search an orange slice clip art…

  • Insulated Cup – As I said, my cups were from Christmas Tree Shops, but any orange cup would do. I love this wine tumbler, too.

Mother’s Day Boot Planter

IMG_9403I am positive I am not the only one to have ever thought of this, but it was not a Pinterest find. I saw an actual ceramic planter made to look like rain boots, and an idea was born. I took the outgrown yellow rain boots that both kids wore and transformed them into presents for Grandma and Grammy Boo. I drilled half a dozen holes in the bottom for drainage, filled them halfway with aquarium gravel and stuck some plant sale flowers in the top. I also printed out photos of the kids wearing the boots, attached them to skewers, and stuck them in, too. (Grandmas always like pictures, right?)


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