He is only 6.

This is going to be so quick, but it's too long for a Facebook status update, and must be written down for posterity - so it has dragged me out of this weird unplanned blog retirement. I'm pretty sure world domination is in Cole's future... A little back story: We have sticker charts for … Continue reading

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Having a membership at the Bronx Zoo makes it a no brainer activity for school vacations when we are casting about for something to do; we go there so often, Cole could practically lead tours! He knows how to navigate to his favorite animal exhibits, can identify the differences between peacocks … Continue reading

Prima Ballerina

Admittedly, I am totally biased, but my kids are the cutest ever. Seriously. Lulu has been taking ballet/tap/Princess Dance class for a little over a month, and they had a holiday showcase this weekend; obviously, she is gifted. {There is a pretty adorable video here - if you are reading … Continue reading

All the Baby Mamas!

I have always wanted to participate in a flash mob. Well, not always, be ever since I knew they were a thing, I knew I wanted to be in one. If I had one SHRED of talent, I would be trying hard to get onto Broadway - I *love* singing and dancing and theater, and the whole thing. The kind of people … Continue reading

May Crafties

It's June. I know. I KNOW. We are heading into the end of the school year around here - which means Cole is finishing up pre-K4 (::sob::), and Adam graduated with his THIRD Master's this month. I have gone into crazy Class Mom overdrive - we finished the yearbook last week, put the finishing … Continue reading