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I have limited time, and what I do have is reserved for much needed rest, but I have a few quick stories too cute not to share – and also I’m afraid that various relatives and friends will form a lynch mob if I don’t post some updated pics… There is SO much more to come – I’m well behind on poor Lulu’s milestones, and I made a super cute no sew Princess Anna dress that I’d like to show off/post a tutorial for – but, for now, this will have to suffice:

Story One:

Grandma invited us over on Saturday night for an early St. Patrick’s day feast of corned beef and cabbage, and she had a few little presents for the kids: a hat for Cole and a shamrock headband for Lu. She also had two balloons, one orange and one green. By the time we were leaving to go home, both kids were tired and cranky, and they BOTH claimed the green balloon. Cole reluctantly let Lulu carry it, but the way he held the string to the orange one betrayed his intention to let it go as soon as we got out the door. I asked him if that was his plan, and when he confirmed it, I explained that that was not a good idea. Fish or birds or turtles might find it and think it’s food and then they could get very sick.

Fast forward to today, when I opened the sunroof of the car to let in some of the gorgeous pre-spring weather, and Lulu let her balloon fly out accidentally. She is in the process of dropping naps completely and spends most afternoons tired and cranky, and also she is two, so this was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened Ever (except for when I wouldn’t buy her a Lulu Guiness purse). Cole offered her his balloon, but that was not at all what she wanted and she continued to sob. He continued to try to console her, remarking “it’s okay Baby Lulu, you didn’t kill ALL the birds. Probably only a few of them will die.”


o_O  Is that the BEST sympathy ever????  I’m just over here scarring my children for life…

Some of you who follow the blog on Facebook may have already seen this story, but Facebook severely limits what gets to you guys so I’ll post it here, too:

apple-tree-clipart-2On the way to school one morning, Cole started talking about how he wanted to plant an apple tree so we could stop buying apples and just eat from the tree. I told him that it takes a VERY long time for apple trees to grow fruit, and the way I explained it was that only grown up trees grow apples and they are baby trees for a long time. Then Lulu piped in that she wanted to grow a baby tree – as in a tree that babies grow on – at which point Cole told her that babies grow in Mommy’s tummy. By this time, we were getting out of the car and heading into school, so people were around as he ended his sentence with “and that’s where babies come from, Lulu.” (The guy that came to fix the school’s security system shot me a weird look.)

Fast forward to back in the car after we picked Cole up. Lulu started singing “rock a bye baby in the tree top” (fairly clever for a two year old, no?), and Cole belted out “rock a bye baby in the UTERUS!”

That clipart ought to ensure that I’ve warped not only my children, but at least a few of you as well. You’re welcome.

A few gratuitous cute kid pics –

IMG_7714 IMG_7668 IMG_7648 IMG_7631 P1010516 IMG_7432


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  1. The mermaid and sharko costume are so cute!

  2. ADORABLE pictures! I am dying over the cuteness of these pictures! Fantastic!-Ashley

  3. Oh man, the balloon story had me tear up with giggles. Big brothers, man.

  4. You’re children are adorable! Loved the stories.

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