Who can resist a baby walrus?

This is Mitik.  He’s an 18-week-old baby walrus that was recently adopted by the New York Aquarium after he was found orphaned in Alaska.  Isn’t he cute?

Humans are not the only NY residents that were affected by last week’s storm; luckily, the area’s zoos only suffered minor damage and have all now reopened, but the aquarium in Brooklyn did not fare as well.  There was extensive flooding and they will remain closed for months to clean up the mess.

Mitik and his buddies need your help.  If you are able to make even a small donation, it will help the tireless staff clean up and rebuild.  Right now they are working on stabilizing the life support systems, but may need to relocate animals if power is not restored soon.  They have suffered critical damage and would really appreciate any funding they can get.If you are interested, CLICK HERE to donate.

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