Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm has come and gone, and left a HUGE amount of damage in its wake; we were *very* lucky to come out unscathed - we never even lost power! MANY of our friends were not so lucky, however.I spent Monday at Trey's house playing and watching movies while we waited out the storm.  We are so … Continue reading

9 Months

Baby Lulu is nine months old???I cannot even.  Mommy cannot either.  We are in big time denial over here that Baby Lulu is going to be a toddler sooner rather than later.  Seriously - we went in yesterday for her well care visit and before we left, we had to make her 12 month appointment!  How … Continue reading

Baby on Back

International Babywearing Week is October 8 - 14, and you *know* we love our babywearing around here! Mommy wore me at the Pumpkin Blaze on Saturday night, and I still frequently choose riding on her back over the stroller, given the choice.In honor of the occasion, we have a multimedia … Continue reading