Holiday Events on Cole’s First Blog

Usually, Mommy frowns upon Hanukkah/Christmas preparation before the completion of Thanksgiving; really? Finish one holiday before moving on to the next! (Also, Santa doesn’t come to town until the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.)

But this year, Hanukkah is *really* early, sooooooooooo we’re making an exception.

Two announcements:

This Friday, I will be hosting a Thanksgiving Recipe Swap Blog Hop, so get your favorites ready! Do you have a family favorite? Is there a new special dish you’re planning to try this year? Do you have suggestions for accommodating special diets – diabetic, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc? Link ’em up from this Friday through Thanksgiving.

Next week, I’ll be posting my holiday gift guide for babies and toddlers – just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you have a favorite Etsy seller or toy/gear that your family could not live with out, email Mommy to be included!

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  1. The only recipe I have is for crock pot mac and cheese and I'm pretty sure that's not Thanksgiving acceptable. So sad.

    Looking forward to seeing how creative and non-cooking-inept everyone else is though!

  2. What a cute blog, Cole!! Followed you over here from your comment at my post at Mommy of a Momster. I love the Eric Carle theme. Just adorable! But not as adorable as you!

  3. Looking forward to the gift guide! Believe it or not, I just learned about Cyber Monday! So excited for it since I wouldn't dream of participating in Black Friday these days!

  4. Oh Cole you are so organised!! I bet your Mommy is so proud. I will be back for your gift ideas little man…I have four little ones that could use some fresh ideas! xx

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