Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/17-11/23

Hanukkah is coming THIS week! Whee! We have so many posts lined up AND auditions for Mommy’s show are next week, so we are about to get even *busier* around here! See you in March when all of this blows over…


IMG_4476Cole and Daddy went grocery shopping and to the movies, and I took an afternoon nap, so Mommy had 2 glorious hours of quiet.

IMG_4483When did Cole start drawing real pictures?!


IMG_4484Happy clementine in Cole’s lunch.
IMG_4505This Santa is clearly an imposter, because everyone knows Santa comes to town at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
IMG_4513Happy face!
IMG_4520We entered a contest, We lost.
IMG_4524I kept the shades on the rest of the night.
IMG_4526I’m a bit of a bed hog.


IMG_4540Mommy had work so we had pizza with Daddy.


IMG_4543I’m a princess in a castle!
IMG_4546Mommy took me for a bagel after the gym because she had hopes that I would then get tired and take a nap. Notsomuch.
IMG_4552Mommy had a play meeting on Wednesday night – I went with her.
IMG_4557Too tired to play with the iPod is VERY tired.


IMG_4560I stole Cole’s moose vest.
IMG_4566Cole’s foray into photography.
IMG_4567Cole took his moose back by the end of the day.
IMG_4569The moose vest might be the best money Mommy ever spent.


IMG_4583Mommy spent nearly an HOUR on hold before the company offered a measly $8 refund for sending 20% of our holiday cards late. We ordered 100 cards with guaranteed deliver by 11/14. We received 80 of them on 11/15, and are still waiting for the last 20. (They are Thanksgiving themed, so this is making Mommy a little crazy.)  Mommy has cooled off enough to not write a blog post blasting the company in question – but NOT enough to block out their “Customer Service” number so you couldn’t figure out who they are; in fact, here.
IMG_4591We had some afternoon time in Barnes & Noble with Aunt Angela.
IMG_4592Cole did not want to take a picture…
IMG_4593But he came around.
IMG_4596They had some sort of Duck Dynasty event going on.
IMG_4598I look great in a beard!
IMG_4613Snuggles before bed.


IMG_4623Good morning!
IMG_4625Birthday party season has begun!

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  1. Okay….I though I could love a photo more than that sleeping stretched out like a star picture…but then the kids in DUCK DYNASTY BEARDS?!?!?!?! I AM SO JEALOUS!! I want one of those! They totally pull off the bearded look. AWESOME FUN!! –Lisa

    • Poor Lulu does not have her own bed – so she just takes over ours. I have never even watched Duck Dynasty, and I’m not sure what the event at B&N was all about, but there was a whole pile of those beards.

  2. That printing company is the SLOWEST COMPANY EVER. I love their product and their prices are good but if I don’t order Evan’s April birthday invitations in early FEBRUARY they never get here in time to mail them/hand them out.

    That moose vest. OMG.

    • Right? That vest.

      I was more angry over their response to *their* error, than to the fact that they took a long time – I ordered them early enough that it wouldn’t have been a problem, if they had just sent me my entire order. But yeah, an HOUR on hold was entirely frustrating.

  3. I did love your cards though!

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