Nov 25

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/17-11/23

Hanukkah is coming THIS week! Whee! We have so many posts lined up AND auditions for Mommy’s show are next week, so we are about to get even *busier* around here! See you in March when all of this blows over…


IMG_4476Cole and Daddy went grocery shopping and to the movies, and I took an afternoon nap, so Mommy had 2 glorious hours of quiet.

IMG_4483When did Cole start drawing real pictures?!


IMG_4484Happy clementine in Cole’s lunch.
IMG_4505This Santa is clearly an imposter, because everyone knows Santa comes to town at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
IMG_4513Happy face!
IMG_4520We entered a contest, We lost.
IMG_4524I kept the shades on the rest of the night.
IMG_4526I’m a bit of a bed hog.


IMG_4540Mommy had work so we had pizza with Daddy.


IMG_4543I’m a princess in a castle!
IMG_4546Mommy took me for a bagel after the gym because she had hopes that I would then get tired and take a nap. Notsomuch.
IMG_4552Mommy had a play meeting on Wednesday night – I went with her.
IMG_4557Too tired to play with the iPod is VERY tired.


IMG_4560I stole Cole’s moose vest.
IMG_4566Cole’s foray into photography.
IMG_4567Cole took his moose back by the end of the day.
IMG_4569The moose vest might be the best money Mommy ever spent.


IMG_4583Mommy spent nearly an HOUR on hold before the company offered a measly $8 refund for sending 20% of our holiday cards late. We ordered 100 cards with guaranteed deliver by 11/14. We received 80 of them on 11/15, and are still waiting for the last 20. (They are Thanksgiving themed, so this is making Mommy a little crazy.) ┬áMommy has cooled off enough to not write a blog post blasting the company in question – but NOT enough to block out their “Customer Service” number so you couldn’t figure out who they are; in fact, here.
IMG_4591We had some afternoon time in Barnes & Noble with Aunt Angela.
IMG_4592Cole did not want to take a picture…
IMG_4593But he came around.
IMG_4596They had some sort of Duck Dynasty event going on.
IMG_4598I look great in a beard!
IMG_4613Snuggles before bed.


IMG_4623Good morning!
IMG_4625Birthday party season has begun!


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  1. The Dose of Reality

    Okay….I though I could love a photo more than that sleeping stretched out like a star picture…but then the kids in DUCK DYNASTY BEARDS?!?!?!?! I AM SO JEALOUS!! I want one of those! They totally pull off the bearded look. AWESOME FUN!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Where In The World Are The Dose Girls?My Profile

    1. Mommy

      Poor Lulu does not have her own bed – so she just takes over ours. I have never even watched Duck Dynasty, and I’m not sure what the event at B&N was all about, but there was a whole pile of those beards.

  2. Suzanne

    That printing company is the SLOWEST COMPANY EVER. I love their product and their prices are good but if I don’t order Evan’s April birthday invitations in early FEBRUARY they never get here in time to mail them/hand them out.

    That moose vest. OMG.
    Suzanne recently posted..My Week(160) in iPhone PhotosMy Profile

    1. Mommy

      Right? That vest.

      I was more angry over their response to *their* error, than to the fact that they took a long time – I ordered them early enough that it wouldn’t have been a problem, if they had just sent me my entire order. But yeah, an HOUR on hold was entirely frustrating.

  3. Harmskills

    I did love your cards though!

    1. Mommy

      Aww, thanks! I was SO mad that their customer service was entirely unhelpful, but I think all but 2 should get there on time…

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