Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/3-11/9

I know I’m supposed to have an intro here of some sort for the week, but you guys? Tired. So let’s just jump in, k?


IMG_3972Mommy had work on Sunday morning, but there were cookies for her birthday!
IMG_3982Daddy took us to Starbucks for a treat…
IMG_3987And then we went for a hike!
IMG_3990AND we met up with Max and Sarah, too.
IMG_4012We went to Max and Sarah’s house for the afternoon after our hike.
IMG_4014I know this shot is blurry, but you have to look at poor Sarah’s face. She had *just* woken up from her nap, and I sort of hug attacked her.
IMG_4016Michele made yummy stew for dinner.
IMG_4025We all got to play. BFFs!


IMG_4063Aardvarks on Monday!
IMG_4068Usually on Mondays, we have a lunch date with Michele and Sarah, but they had to run off so Mommy and I had a date for her birthday!
IMG_4072After lunch, we did some shopping, and I stopped by to say hello to the doggy at Old Navy.
IMG_4078Shopping is tiring.
IMG_4085We picked Cole up at school and paused for a moment to play in the leaves.
IMG_4095Mommy and Cole went for a movie date; the new theater was doing $2 tickets as part of their grand opening, and they went to see Turbo in 3D. They loved it!
IMG_4097Mommy popped into The Limited to spend a birthday gift card, and Cole joined the mannequin family. He fit right in!


IMG_4106Cole was SO excited because Ethan babysat us for a few hours on Tuesday while Mommy tutored. Ethan is one of Cole’s very favorite people in the entire world.
zebraEthan, for some reason, has a life sized papier mache zebra.
IMG_4107Playing at Ethan’s house totally tuckered us out.


IMG_4121On Wednesday night, we went swimming. Cole helped me take my socks and shoes off.
IMG_4125We met up with Trey!


IMG_4129It has gotten too cold and yucky out for us to walk the lake, so Mommy joined the gym. I approve of their playroom.
IMG_4131I got to play in Cole’s classroom when we picked him up, too.
IMG_4139We met up with Marissa at the Chinese buffet for dinner – I love ice cream. You will notice Mommy only gives me vanilla – I wonder why?


IMG_4148Mommy had a meeting on Friday morning, so I did some light reading in the library.
IMG_4156Then Cole and Daddy did some reading at Barnes and Noble in the evening.
IMG_4160I got to play with the trains!


IMG_4167On Saturday morning, Cole and I hung out with Aunt Deb while Mommy and Daddy took Coach and Grammy Boo out for dim sum.

IMG_4170I was saying “cheese.”

IMG_4172We stopped by to visit Coach and Grammy Boo, and do All the Laundry. Mommy even uninstalled our car seats, washed them, adjusted the strap threading, and put them back in! And we better keep them clean and not grow too much because I don’t think she’s ever going to do that again.

IMG_4178Then we headed out to Fairway.

IMG_4183Cole hitched a ride on Daddy’s back…

IMG_4185and I got jealous, so Mommy threw me up on hers. (more cheese face)

IMG_4195We came home to a special present from Cathy – ADORABLE hand-knit hats! Cole’s is a turkey (long story – he requested it), and mine is a supercute giraffe.

See you next week!

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  1. I always LOVE seeing your week in review pictures…y’all have the BEST family time ever!! :)-Ashley

    • Awww! The weekly recaps are surprisingly popular – I always feel like they must be kind of boring to people who don’t know us, but more and more people tell me they like them…

  2. Too cute!!!!

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