Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/8-12/14

No time for words – this week was a blur, and the next 10 days have SO much crammed into them it’s ridiculous. If you’ve been thinking to yourself, I sure would like to hang out with those delightful Ludwig kids while their mom runs errands goes shopping has a manicure takes a nap, this is your chance! Mommy would probably give us away for 5 minutes of free time!


IMG_5059Mommy spent Sunday learning how to maintain the Torahs at temple.
IMG_5060We went grocery shopping with Daddy.


IMG_5107So much fun.


IMG_5130First snow of the season, and Daddy had a snow day!
IMG_5132Cole wasn’t feeling well, so he came home from school even ahead of the early dismissal.
IMG_5141We get a little loopy when we are stuck inside all day – although, I’m a little loopy all the time.


IMG_5155This is our only pic from Wednesday (school, rehearsal, blah blah blah), so it’s a good thing it’s such a cute one!


IMG_5156Mommy was sick over night so when Cole and I slept late, that was all the reason she needed to stay home from school and be lazy.
IMG_5164See? Lazy.
IMG_5171Cole stayed in his jammies the whole day…
IMG_5173Have you played Flow on your iPhone? Addicting.


No pics – oops! School, yearbook meeting, gym, laundry, Shabbat dinner, services…


IMG_5175Couch snuggles during the snowy Saturday.

It is not even officially winter yet and Mommy is already so over this weather.

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  1. My 5 y.o. played Flow on my MIL’s phone this summer and was obsessed! Love your jammies day, especially with that cool puzzle! :)-Ashley

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