Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/27-11/2

Every week people comment to Mommy how much we do, and usually we are kind of perplexed – it’s just the way our schedule is, you know? But this week? This week, you guys, we crammed a TON into our 7 days. Last week, we ended up with a super awesome Saturday outing at the zoo, and Mommy felt like a SuperMom – and then this week started with her alarm failing and her sleeping late. Sigh.


IMG_3681Mommy woke up late, and practically threw us at Grammy Boo and Coach before heading off to work. I took a nap after we got home, and Mommy forgot to take us to the Camp Bow Wow Halloween Party. Sorry, Henry. IMG_3685We met up with Marissa and Aunt Angela for dinner at Panera. IMG_3690Cole still loves the ring sling every once in a while.


IMG_3701I took Dolly to Aardvarks. IMG_3721She especially liked the scarves. IMG_3731Mommy and I had lunch with Michele and Sarah as usual, and I was practically asleep before we got back to the car. IMG_3734We went over the Grandma’s house for dinner.


IMG_3738On Tuesday morning, I helped Mommy with some faxing. IMG_3740Those? would be flashing lights in our rear view mirror. Speeding ticket for Mommy. 🙁 IMG_3747After school on Tuesday, we went to a Halloween party play date at Henry’s house – FUN! IMG_3761Daddy took us to the gym while Mommy was at work. IMG_3754We went for a family grocery shopping trip before bed.


IMG_3763All the Hanukkah stuff at AC Moore is 50% off – these foam dreidel kits end up being $0.50! IMG_3767Mommy went to participate in a focus group on Wednesday, so Coach and I picked up Cole at school and then Mommy met us over at Coach’s house. IMG_3776Mommy stayed up late on Wednesday night to finish up Cole’s Halloween costume. IMG_3778His wizard staff started its life as a solar powered garden light – it glows and changes colors! IMG_3779Henry finds crafting exhausting.


IMG_3783Cole had a swimming lesson after school on Thursday. and then? IMG_3786we went trick or treating! IMG_3800Cole had “mean wizard” face paint on, so he looked pretty weird when he smiled. IMG_3819Everyone loved our costumes, and we got a TON of candy. Cole said Halloween is his favorite day. IMG_3820Face paint on Thursday + class picture day on Friday = bath on Thursday night IMG_3785Mommy had another late night with her glue gun, getting crafts ready for Disney Shabbat.


picasion.com_c9c451fe8892581aee30f5d69cd3ff6aOn Friday, Mommy and I had lunch with Aunt Angela. I played Peek a Boo. IMG_3834Mommy’s third and final glue gun project of the week was creating our ears for Disney Shabbat. IMG_3847Cole was Mickey and I had Minnie Mouse ears!


IMG_3860After running errands on Saturday morning, we read a few books with Aunt Angela…. IMG_3868and had lunch at Smashburger. IMG_3871Yum! IMG_3874I was *so* excited to go see the “ammals” at the Garden Conservancy Open Day, but I totally fell asleep on the way. IMG_3881The little post next to this plant says it is a “Cole’s Prostrate,” so of course we had to take a picture. And then we had to read EVERY other little sign post on EVERY other plant in the garden. IMG_3884These gardens were on the private grounds of a 55 acre estate. So, basically, these flamingos were hanging out in someone’s backyard. IMG_3902There were also llamas. IMG_3907And a mini horse. IMG_3916Cole was super excited about the pretty fall foliage. IMG_3933There was even a fun playground! IMG_3941That field there? filled with ostriches and emus and deer and albino wallabies, and CRAZY animals!IMG_3947Ammals! IMG_3955Isn’t their house pretty? Ignore Cole. His finger was hurting. IMG_3962Date night! Dinner at Mommy’s favorite restaurant since it’s her birthday today!

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  1. WOW! Cole’s costume is AMAZING!! Absolutely love the sleeping in cowboy boots picture! 🙂 So adorbs!-Ashley

  2. All of these pictures are so good!! Your kids are so cute I can hardly stand it!! Aw!! (and that picture of you smiling and Lulu asleep on your back–you look absolutely *beautiful*!!) –Lisa

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