How big is Cole?

So big! At least according to Mommy… According to the pediatrician’s size charts, I’m a little bit of a peanut. My height, weight, and head circumference all fall within the 25th percentile – which means I’m a little smaller than most babies my age, but nothing to worry about. Good things come in small packages! Given my size, it makes sense that I’d fit into clothes marked 3-6 months. I was actually a little bit older than 3 months when I made the switch from newborn, but that makes sense too, if they are sized for “average” babies in the 50th percentile. Mostly, I do fit into that size, but not always – it seems like every outfit is sized differently and there is no rhyme or reason!

Behold the evidence:

Those 2 pairs of pants are marked the same size. The brown sweats on top are from Carter’s, and, according to their “so-simple-sizing chart,” they should be a bit too small, but they fit. My uncle John got me the super-cool plaid pants for Christmas, but it looks like I will have to wait to wear them – they’re huge! According to their size chart, they should fit the exact same size infant as the Carter’s pants. Seems like the Ralph Lauren people need to buy new rulers, mmkay?

…and, because Grandma specially requested it, here’s a concert Daddy put on just for me:

It doesn’t look like I entirely appreciated it, but that’s because I prefer when he sings “Yellow Submarine.” Mommy tries to sing it sometimes, too, but she doesn’t really know the words.

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