Vintage Video

Just a quick look back here – I was searching for a file on my computer when I came across this gem; this video was taken in January of 2011, so Cole was about one and a half – look how little! Here, he demonstrates his mad sign language skillz, and his high tolerance for slow service. Not. He needs to work on patience, me thinks.

Have a great weekend! We are headed to our temple’s Purim Schpiel on Sunday, and I made Cole a hamentashen costume out of felt, using only a stapler and a glue gun so you have pictures of THAT to look forward to. Bonus: he decided to be a raspberry hamentashen, and selected fuschia sequined fabric for the middle.tmb-600x600-please-vote

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  1. OMGosh can baby Cole be any cuter?! That was really good “words” too bud 😉

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