Winners & Rainbows

First things first: we have some SwagHer Bag winners!

Bag #1 will go to Jenn, Bag #2 is for Abigail from Skywaitress, and Bag #3 will go home with Melissa from Sippy Cup Mom.

You know the coolest part? Each of those ladies is getting her first choice bag! Isn’t it nice that it worked out that way?

Moving on…

Remember how Mommy doesn’t cook? A few weeks ago, we saw a recipe on The Foster Family that looked so easy even we could do it.

Rainbow jello squares! That picture really does not do them justice, but they came out *exactly* the way they were supposed to. That might be the first time that ever happened for something Mommy was trying to make!

Mommy and I read Jennifer’s recipe about 17 times before beginning and we followed it *exactly* so there’s no need to copy it here; if you’re inspired to try it yourself, check out Jennifer’s directions. (It’s a good thing we read and re-read them, by the way – Mommy missed a step in the original scan… and almost poured the powder jello directly on the first set layer and then added boiling water and mixed it right in the pan. That would not have worked. In her defense, she knew that sounded wrong, thus the re-reads.)

Wanna see how we did?

These pictures do not do the rainbows justice – they looked *really* neat – and everyone had some! Mommy will definitely be making them again.

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