#81 – 1000 Awesome Things

Doing Things *By Myself*

So we all know I walk now, right? I get further and further each day – and yesterday? I *turned around* without falling down. Yeah, I’m a rock star – but that’s old news.

On Friday? I ate with a spoon.

So now? Lots of pictures.

Yogurt takes concentration.

Henry likes it, too.

Sorry, Henry, Mommy said no.

Oh, wait – this is totally easier with my hand.

Mommy’s solution? TWO spoons!

Oh! Would you like some?

Now? You are pretty much watching me eat yogurt in real time. Riveting, right?

Good thing I’m so cute.

Still with me? A few reminders:

Also? My first birthday is in ONE WEEK!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cole, I don't know if it's the spoon or what, but you look like such a big boy!!!

  2. When did your Mommy give you a spoon? Hailey has been rejecting purees (including yogurt) because she likes to have full control. I'm nervous she will never eat with a utensil 🙂 I'm thinking I should reintroduce the spoon… thoughts??

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