Rear Reinforced Rebozo Rucksack – Wear ‘Em Wednesday

So my friend, Colleen, had a brilliant idea for a weekly babywearing blog link up, which I am all about because duh.  I agreed to join in and then my brain kind of exploded because SO MANY THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT!  I can’t even express to you how far Mommy and I have fallen down the babywearing rabbit hole.  If it were a religion we’d be out there converting people.

For real, yo.

We may be polar opposites, but Lulu and I both adore being worn – each with our own style, of course.  I prefer to pull my arms in and snuggle up; I even demand the hood on, if the carrier we are using has one.  I started out being worn almost exclusively in the Moby and then moved on to a ring sling, and now mostly SSCs.  Lulu did not like the Moby and moved straight into a ring sling; now she is mostly worn in Mommy’s BabyHawk mei tai.  *She* prefers to keep her arms out, and is MUCH more interested in watching everything that’s going on around her than snuggling in and taking a nap.  (I know she’s arms-in in that picture up there, but that’s an anomaly, promise.)

Anyway, one area of babywearing that we’ve never *quite* gotten the hang of is woven wrapping.  Wovens don’t have the stretch of a Moby and are therefore a little less forgiving.  Sure, we can do a quick rucksack carry, but that’s about it.

So, in honor of our first entry in Wear ‘Em Wednesday, we decided to try a more difficult carry.  Lulu and I are both a little big for front carries, so Mommy decided to try the Rear Reinforced Rebozo Rucksack.  (This babywearing thing? whole ‘nother language.)  Basically, that’s just a rucksack carry with an extra pass over the back and a slip knot tied at the shoulder.  We grabbed our Gira Blau, watched a video on YouTube, and got to work.


Mommy decided to try it with me first because I am more used to being worn than Lulu – plus, since I’m taller, it’s easier for her to reach behind her back to get the passes correctly placed under my tushie.  Combine that with the fact that I am more likely to enjoy this cuddly, arms in carry than Lulu, AND the fact that as soon as Mommy took the wrap out and started experimenting I immediately demanded to be picked up, and I got to be the guinea pig.

Loved it!

Baby Lulu got in on the action, too (although, you will notice she slipped her left arm out of the carrier… Also? For goodness’ sake, Mommy, if we’re going to be taking pictures, throw some mascara on!)

All in all, we are *really* proud of ourselves for figuring this carry out – and Mommy would like to wear it out of the house sometime soon.  The blankety soft wrap lends itself nicely to cool weather wearing, so hopefully we’ll find an occasion to use it.  Maybe if we practice we can find the wrapping love…

So! Next week! Topic ideas? Anyone have any wearing-related questions?  We could even do a vlog although that might be more comedic than actually informative or helpful… Wanna see our stash?  Should we try another carry?  What do you think?!

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  1. I pretty much started this feature because a lot of my pictures had The Bean wrapped up in some way or another. I'm wearing him so much these days! BWW is also a good way to show off your stash. I have one more carrier that I haven't used yet & that's because I used it when The Munchkin was bigger.

    Love your back carry! Aren't youtube videos the best?!

  2. My little girl hates having her arms tucked in. The only back carry she loves is a double rebozo shoulder to shoulder. Maybe Lulu would like it! 🙂

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