#69 – 1000 Awesome Things

The Man with the Yellow Hat

I love reading – we know that. I love all kinds of children’s books (AND some of Mommy’s!). One of my favorite series is Curious George – it’s extracool because they’re not only books, but a series on PBS Kids.

The obvious character for people to like is George – the title mischievous monkey. George always seems to find himself in impossible scrapes all the time, simply because his curiosity gets the best of him. (Side Note: Hmmmmm, a naughty monkey that gets into EVERYTHING? There may be a reason I’m a fan.)

Don’t get me wrong, I really like George – but he’s not the most awesome character involved… His caretaker, The Man with the Yellow Hat, is a personal favorite.

First of all, this guy has *commitment.* He is KNOWN by his favorite article of clothing – think about it, do you know his name? No. Also, he doesn’t stop with the hat – he’s got yellow EVERYTHING. Pants, shirts, ties, bathing suits, shoes – he is not seen in any other hue. Even if you *wanted* to dress so monochromatically, that would take a HUGE amount of effort.

Secondly, he is tremendously patient. Despite George’s propensity to making messes and causing trouble, The Man’s response is, without fail, one of kindness and understanding. He supports George’s quest for knowledge and takes the time to explain things rather than berating him. He also takes the time to plan an awful lot of fun and varied activities for George to participate and learn from.

Not unlike the ideal toddler parent.

So, yes, we like The Man with the Yellow Hat – and Mommy strives to match his immeasurable reserves of calm in the face of the chaos around him.

And who doesn’t love a guy in a nice hat?

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  1. Cole, I LOVE Curious George too! I have fond memories of going to the library when I was really really little and checking out all the Curious George books I could. They even had fun books where they had a cassette tape where I could listen along if my mom and dad didn't want to read to me. I suppose you don't know what a cassette tape is though, huh?

    Either way, Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat are AWESOME!

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