#67 – 1000 Awesome Things

FameThat's right. I'm totally famous. Remember that time I told you about Jeremy Plays Guitar and how they are awesome and how they should write a song about how meerkats make me angry and if they did they'd probably win a Grammy?So, ummmmmm, they totally did! Check it out:{If you're in a … Continue reading

#75 – 1000 Awesome Things

Barenaked LadiesOkay, first of all? Let me clarify; the Barenaked Ladies are neither naked nor ladies... confusing, right? They ARE a kick-tushie band from Canada.Music is important in my family - Daddy plays and teaches guitar and Mommy was in orchestra in high school and college, too. Me? I … Continue reading

Sights in the City

If I Had $1000000, Barenaked LadiesThat's right - two mp3 posts in one week. Because I'm awesome, that's why. (By the way, show of hands: how many of you are having trouble seeing the mp3 player embedded above? Make sure you're on the post page, not the blog home page. I know it doesn't play … Continue reading

Sunshine Day!

It's a Sunshine Day, The Brady Bunch (For the lyrics so you can sing along, check the bottom of this post.)I will be the gladdest thingUnder the sun!I will touch a hundred flowersAnd not pick one...- from Afternoon on a Hill, Edna St. Vincent MillayI had such a great week! I love when Daddy is … Continue reading