Sunday Stealing

I stole this meme from ‘Manda, who stole it from Sunday Stealing, who stole it from Kontan from Kontan’s Place, who explains that she stole the meme from Tense Teacher. If you like the meme answer the questions yourself with a link back to me and Sunday Stealing. 

1. How old do you look? Not a day over 6 months!  Of course, I’m really 6 months and 14 days…

2. Where do you live? in Mommy and Daddy’s house

3. Are you waiting for something? Top teeth!  Bring on the steak!

4. What’s one pet peeve of yours that is not common? when Daddy forgets to put my pants on

5. Do you want/have kids? How about I go to kindergarten first?

6. Have you ever thought about converting your religion? I *just* had a bris six months ago – you don’t do that if you’re planning to change your mind.

7. Last shocking news you heard? I gained 25% of my body weight in a month!

8. What was the last thing you drank?
my bedtime bottle

9. Who do you most look like in your family? My daddy

10. If you could have something right now, anything, what would it be? top teeth – see above

11. Where does most of your family live?
within 20 minutes

12. Where did you grow up? Still working on it – in the suburbs of NYC

13. Where do you want to go on vacation?
Mommy and Daddy say the beach is nice – we’re going for my birthday!  and Mommy wants to take me someplace called Disney world.

14. Have you ever had a panic attack? When Mommy leaves the room

15. What can’t you wait for? My TEETH – geez, pay attention!  Also, I want to run – crawling is too hard.

16. When’s the last time you told someone you loved him or her and meant it? I said “Aaaaaahhhh!” to Daddy at bedtime; that means “I love you.”

17. Have your parents ever smoked pot?
Not to my knowledge…

18. Want someone back in your life?
I wish I could have met my great-grandparents.

19. What do you order at the bar? Similac, straight up.  Slightly warmed, please.

20. When was the last time you cried really, really hard? Today.  Mommy keeps trying to STEAL my boogers.

21. Ever licked someone’s cheek?
Yes.  I call it kissing.  Sugarplum and I make out all the time.

22. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
I’m not allowed peanut butter yet!

23. Where were you on July 4th, 2008? in Mommy and Daddy’s imagination

24. What are your nicknames? Cole, Nick, Nicky, Monkey, Pooper Monkey, Stinky Monkey, Nicky Noo Noo, Monkey Moo, Babycakes

25. If you could go back in time, how far back would you go? I don’t want to go back!

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  1. Oh that is too funny. I haven't done one of these on my blog. I will have to play along.

    Visiting from SITS

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