NaBloPoMo Success!

Today is the last day in February – with this writing, I have successfully posted every day in February to complete the NaBloPoMo challenge. NaBloPoMo is “National Blog Posting Month,” which is roughly based on NaNoWriMo, “National Novel Writing Month.” In addition to being a blog challenge rather than a … Continue reading

Please vote!

See that blinky brown Top Baby Blogs button on the right sidebar? ———–> The one that looks just like this one here: ? Well, they’re both connected to this link and if you click either of them (or the link itself a few words back), then you’re voting for me … Continue reading

Some Silliness

This was supposed to be a post about what features I’ve inherited from each parent (Mommy’s eyes, Daddy’s chin) and a comparison between one of my pictures and a photo-combination of Mommy and Daddy through – and it was all written… but was uncooperative and would not work, … Continue reading


Henry and I made up a brand new, superfun game this morning! Here’s how it goes: I play on my playmat with one of my toys. Henry watches for a while.Then, Henry comes and takes my toy and runs away!Hmmmmm……Mommy convinces Henry to bring my toy back.Then (and this is … Continue reading