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At the end of my recap the other day answering all of the questions people have about what has been going on in the Ludwig house, I posted a pic of Lu and I. It was a pic I also shared on Instagram and Facebook wishing my baby girl a very happy birthday.

The picture portrayed the turning in of her right eye that we have been seeing; in my opinion, it is even more disconcerting in person, and on occasion the left eye seems to be a little wonky as well. It is not her most flattering shot from an aesthetic perspective, but she is happy and was headed back to school that day and it accurately showed where we are right now.

It apparently triggered some red flags and alarm bells from more than one of my friends with medical degrees, who are not satisfied that the neurological issues have been entirely ruled out.

I do know that my friend who called has not seen Lu in person, nor has she seen her records/test results. But I have known Julie since the first grade. And she was one of the ONLY people to take my symptoms seriously when I was pregnant with Cole and my own doctors missed HELLP – I trust her and I know she is looking out for Lu’s best interest. This is not the same situation and we are all hoping that she is overreacting, but it cannot hurt to be sure. The bloodwork still has not come back and we don’t have a satisfactory answer as to what is causing it or a treatment plan, so getting other, more specialized opinions will give some peace of mind.

NO ONE is saying that this is *necessarily* a neuro issue. But it is not quite as clear as we might have thought. Luckily, we have amazing friends in our network (one of whom IS a pediatric neuroradiologist) who are looking out for us and now we are heading into the city on Tuesday afternoon to see a specialized pediatric neurologist and hopefully get some answers.

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  1. Absutely the right thing to do. So glad so many people are looking out for Lu

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