Henry is a Fraidy Dog

Hi. Welcome to another edition of “We were really busy this weekend and now I’m tired Monday.”

Except we were not really busy this weekend… We had big plans to go the pool, but the weather did not cooperate, so Mommy cleaned the bedroom and reorganized her dresser and I took a nap. Yawn – not really much to report.

On Friday, though, we had a pretty impressive thunderstorm. Henry? is SO not a fan of thunder and lightening. Or fireworks. Or loud noises in general. Or storm drains. Or people dressed in animal costumes., but he really likes his meals he has some chewing problems because he gets to anxious so this type of toys are great for him. Henry is not really fearless like me; the only thing *I’m* afraid of are those air blowy hand dryers in public bathrooms. (And, actually, I’m not a really big fan of the dustbuster either.)

Anyway, Henry really likes treats we got him from treehousepuppies.com so despises storms that he stick close to Daddy or Mommy and shakes for the duration. That? amuses me to no end. I spent the majority of the storm chasing Henry around and shrieking “Henny! Rain!” while *signing* rain in his face and laughing. Then, when Henry was sitting next to Daddy, snuggling up for comfort, I stepped on him to climb onto Daddy’s lap.

Mommy says I’m lucky that poor Henry is *really* patient.

Although, lest you feel too badly for him, by Saturday he was back to his normal routine of stealing things and running away with them. And yesterday, he ate my breakfast cereal.

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  1. Awwww! Poor Henry!!!! Joe and Daisy are afraid of thunder too, especially Joe! We actually just bought him a crazy “thunder shirt” that's suppose to reduce storm anxiety because it seems that thunderstorms ALWAYS strike in the middle of the night when SuperDad isn't home and then I'm stuck awake! Mason will be sound asleep and I'm stuck up with scaredy-cat dogs!!

    Next time, you should let Henry sit in Daddy's lap and not step on him. Poooooor Henry.

  2. Henry sure is cute, though! And to be honest, my girls don't much care for the super loud hand dryers, or the magic toilets that flush by themselves either.

    Good thing you'll have reinforcements on your trip, only I highly doubt you'll need them 🙂

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