St. Patrick’s Day Photo FAIL

If you’ve been following my blog, you might just assume that I am SO handsome that I look great in all pictures. While that’s mostly true, there are days when Mommy just can’t get a decent shot.

She wanted to record my very first Thanksgiving (and my great turkey bib!), but I just wasn’t cooperating:

Sometimes it’s really not my fault that a photo shoot doesn’t go well – occasionally, Henry likes to steal the spotlight:

Mommy wanted to take a picture of me celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the adorable shirt that Aunt Rebecca got me. First, I got caught feeling up my cousin, Meredith. I got really mad that everyone started laughing at me: .

We tried , and tried , and TRIED , but I was cranky and wriggling. I quit the photo shoot and taught my other cousin, Amy, how to watch videos on Mommy’s iPhone instead.

Oh, well. All models have their off days!

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day! AND Happy Founder’s Day to all of Mommy’s fellow Deephers!

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  1. Adorable even if you are wriggly and cranky! Happy St. Patrick's day! Stopping by from SITS!

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