Oh, Henry!

Given my choice, I would spend ALL of my time with Mommy… She hands me off sometimes when she’s trying to eat or sleep or spend 5 minutes by herself, but I’m never happier than when she’s holding me. Daddy says I’m a bit of a Mama’s boy. Of all … Continue reading

A Meme for Monday

Happy February! It was *really* cold here this weekend, so we didn’t get to go on any big adventures. I did get to go see BOTH sets of grandparents! Grammy and Coach had us over on Saturday night for a “Januaryfest” meal of wursts and sauerkraut, and Grandma and Grandpa … Continue reading

Help for Haiti

By now, even babies know about the tragedy in Haiti; on Tuesday a magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The death toll is reportedly in the hundreds of thousands and over 3 million people are affected. Mommy and Daddy and I feel very lucky to have a … Continue reading