Metro Minis

I had the BEST day today with Mommy and Aunt Angela! We went into the city and everyone kept their pants on

First, we went to lunch at Serendipity 3. Aunt Angela and Mommy had yummy, yummy sandwiches and I had lettuce. See this grumpy look on my face? That’s because EVERYONE except me had awesome looking dessert. I think it might be child abuse to take me there and expect me to be content with the same old formula.

Next, we passed by and HAD to go in. If you have never been to this world of awesomeness, you should check it out. We didn’t even know it existed and went in only after seeing the Oompa Loompas.

That’s right, I said Oompa Loompas. They were celebrating the launch of new Willy Wonka candy bars!

Finally we made it to Metro Minis, the whole reason for today’s excursion. Mommy and I *love* our Moby, but were ready to venture into the world of back carries and the wraps we have just weren’t working. Also, we wanted to check out all of the cool carriers we’ve been ogling online in person! Aunt Angela was *very* patient as the nice ladies in the store showed us all of the various options and I giggled away as we tried on everything we could! Mommy was a little disappointed that the buckle carriers, like the Ergo are not appropriate for us yet because they would position me too low on her back. Guess Daddy will just have to learn how to tie on our new mei tai; after mulling over all the options, we got a new Baby Hawk and I’ve already gotten to use it when we went outside with Henry tonight. We are already looking at other mei tais for if when we need a new one and we are drooling a little bit over the ones at Mei Tai Baby!

For those who are not really familiar with the wondrous world of babywearing, here’s a supercool video that Leigh at Marvelous Kiddo made. She is all kinds of awesome!

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