Weekend Redux

No Toy Review Tuesday today – it has been a hectic week and I don’t have a new toy to discuss! Instead, I’ll do a brief recap of the highlights of my very first road trip.


The first thing to not go quite as planned was getting on the road; we were trying to head out by 9:30, but Mommy really underestimated the time it takes to get our traveling circus out the door. By the time we dropped Henry off at Grammy’s and headed on our way it was already 10:45!

After we had been driving for about 2 hours, Daddy decided to stop for lunch at the Barley Creek Brewery. Mommy and Daddy had sandwiches and I had carrots and formula. Daddy was a little disappointed because he remembered the food being better the last time he was there – he enjoyed the beer sampler, though!

We were supposed to stop at Ed’s birthday party on the way to the hotel, but we missed the exit somehow and it was getting late so we decided to just skip it. After we checked in, we walked around Oakland.

For dinner, Mommy and Daddy had hot dogs from “The O.” Guess what I had?

But then, for dessert…

I had my first taste of ice cream! Daddy convinced Mommy to give me a tiny lick of sweet cream ice cream from Dave & Andy’s and OMG. YUM! Daddy says this was a tactical error and after Dave & Andy’s it’s all down hill.

After such a long travel day, it was really easy to fall asleep – especially on the comfy king-sized bed! The crib that the hotel sent up kind of looked like a death trap to Mommy, so I wound up just sleeping on a sheet spread out on the floor – no way to fall off!


Mommy was SO excited on Sunday morning – we had breakfast with Sammy, Ed, and Juliette, and Katie and Matt. Not only did she get to hang out with her BFFs from college, but we also went to her all time FAVORITE breakfast spot in the world: Pamela’s.

‘Nuff said.

After breakfast, we went into a carb coma for a family nap, before heading over to hang out with Sammy and Ed and Juliette.

I spent the afternoon playing with my gorgeous Valentine, Juliette, who was nice enough to share her toys and gave me lots of kisses.


I spent MOST of Monday in my car seat. A trip that once took Mommy less than six hours took us almost TWELVE! Daddy likes to stop and check out all the different gas stations and grocery stores that we don’t have at home (Sheetz, and Wawa, and Wegman’s, oh my!) and we were driving smack in the middle of the latest blizzard to hit the northeast. It’s STILL snowing here now! This picture looks a lot like the snow pic I posted last week, but was just taken today, I promise: .

I hope everyone else had a fun three day weekend!

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