Mommy went out tonight for her first movie since before I was born, so it was just the guys this evening.

I love hanging out with Daddy! One of Daddy’s favorite things in the world is music, so when we hang out together lots of times he sings to me or plays guitar or something… One of my favorite things we do is organize the music on Daddy’s iTunes.

We listen to all of his songs and put them on playlists and stuff… The cool part is that while we listen to them, we WATCH them. The iTunes visualizer is crazy – it makes shapes and patterns like a kaleidoscope!

Here is what it looks like:

I could sit and watch it forever! It makes me a little hypnotized…

I was a little cranky tonight, though, because I missed Mommy – so Daddy tried out our new Baby Hawk! He did a great job and we had a nice walk with Henry…

Good night!

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