Dim Sum with Daddy

This weekend we got to go to Philadelphia on a super budget friendly break; our friends, Julie and Brian, let us stay in their house, and our Stepping Stones membership got us into the Please Touch Museum and the Franklin Institute. Pretty much the only thing we spent money on over the weekend was food (and parking – on the street parking on a holiday weekend? impossible!). My favorite meal was our Sunday lunch at Ocean Harbor. YUM.

We had what seemed like an endless assortment of dumplings, shumai, pork buns, and sticky rice. Everything was amazing!

Just as we were about finished stuffing ourselves, there was a clanging at the door, and then there was a parade around the restaurant, accompanied by cymbals! I am not so much a fan of loud noises, so at first I wasn’t really sure I liked the dancing dragons, but once I got used to it it was kind of fun to watch.

All of that food, PLUS the free entertainment? $30. Too bad it’s so far to Philly – we’d make this a Sunday morning tradition!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Matthew would have FREAKED out at the dragon!

  2. What fun!! Looks yummy too. Cole is getting so big!

  3. Cole, you look sooo big in your high chair!!

    Glad you guys had what sounds like a great weekend :o)

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