The Crazy, It Comes Naturally

I can be a little… stubborn. Or, I fly off the handle over the teensiest of things (Mommy once cut a maraschino cherry I was thinking about eating in half. IT WAS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE, EVER.)

But, really? I get these endearing qualities from my parents. Mommy has been known to be a bit crazy about small details (don’t try to give her a plate with any of the food touching – drives her nuts) and Daddy obsesses over things for YEARS. Seriously – ask him about the special he didn’t order at Valentine’s Day 2005. Or how mad he was that Mommy dragged him to a mediocre Mexican restaurant in New Hope in 2007. (Hmmmm, all of our issues seem to do with food…)
As I get to be more and more verbal, my vocabulary becomes more and more atypical. How many toddlers say the word “baboon” before “Daddy?” But that’s par for the course at our house – where the somewhat odd is the norm, and we are all sort of geeky.
Case in point, the following ACTUAL text message exchange:
Daddy: Question – which school has a better academic reputation, Flying Fairy School or Hogwarts?
Mommy: Definitely Hogwarts.
Daddy: I don’t know, Fairy School has lower student-teacher ratio and more diverse student body… Also, it FLIES!
Mommy: Hogwarts is an institution of impeccable standing in the wizarding world with centuries of tradition. Also, it caters to more than just one grade level AND tackles more rigorous academic subjects than Tooth Fairy Certification. Flying Fairy School is, essentially, a trade school by comparison. It is BOCES to Hogwarts’s Harvard.
Daddy: OK you win 😉

Sigh. I don’t really have a chance at normality.

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  1. Hahaha that is awesome. I never thought of comparing Hogwarts to Fairy school.

    I just sent that exchange to my husband, I think that he'll appreciate it.

  2. Hogwarts is clearly superior AND there's flying lessons.

  3. Love. It. You guys are awesome!!

  4. He said “baboon” before daddy?…you must be so proud! Normally they say “daddy” before “mommy” so lets go with “baboon!”

  5. im with you. flying fairy school is dumb. and for girls. LOL

  6. This is absolutely a conversation I would have with my hubs. Except I would be backing FFS and he would back Hogwarts.

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