It’s the thought that counts?

I have Music for Aardvarks on Mondays, and, on Tuesdays, Mommy and I go to story time at the library, so we figured I’d get Valentines for all of my friends. (I know Tuesday is a day late, but my friends are all toddlers and not a lot of them have calendars so I didn’t think they’d mind.)

This was such a cute idea!

As many of Mommy’s and my cute ideas, however, it seems that it was destined to fail. Here are some of its many flaws:

  • We ordered super cute little labels from Peartree Greetings. Mommy had a coupon for free shipping, so our grand total came to under $6 – and they’re customized with my name on them! YAY! Unfortunately, apparently free shipping = super slow shipping. According to the tracking, they’ll arrive this Thursday. Sigh. Oh, well – at least they’re not dated so I can use them next year!
  • Mommy remembers simple red lollipops from Valentine’s Days past and figured we’d tie my little cards to them with red, curly ribbon. Cute, right? Mommy must be crazy, though, because apparently these lollipops don’t exist… at least not in the grocery stores near us.
  • So, after we figured my custom tags and cute heart lollipops were a big fail, we thought at LEAST I’d give out those little perforated Valentines that you used to be able to get in a class set. Remember those? And you stuffed them into your friends’ decorated shoebox mailboxes? They don’t exist anymore either.

Music for Aardvarks doesn’t start until 10, so Mommy and I will stop at a drug store on the way, but that is our last ditch effort. Next year, though? Our Valentines will rock.

We did manage to get ONE very important Valentine together, though. On Friday, we went to a local ceramics place and I painted a mug for Daddy almost all by myself. It has my handprints on it (I did *not* like that part) and is for Daddy to have at school for his coffee. We filled it with yummy dark chocolate kisses, too!

Have a happy Valentine’s day!

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  1. Oh the best laid plans…. but yes it really should be the thought that counts!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

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  3. That really reminds me of my “free” Christmas cards that I paid $30 to have shipped to me in time to mail before Christmas LOL

    Were you looking for the boxes of Valentine's? Or am I totally missing something. Those are still all over here!

    As for the suckers, at this day in age, the sticks are probably declared “dangerous weapons” and the candy “choking hazard” *sigh*

    But you're right, it IS the thought that counts!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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