#58 – 1000 Awesome Things

Special Shoes

Mommy is a shoe girl… or she WAS anyway, before I came along; not only did I change the size of her feet, but chasing after me necessitates more sensible footwear than her former favorite purple suede heels. Nowadays, her shoes are a steady rotation of snowboots and sneakers. BORING.

Cute little shoes for me are fun to look at, but generally beyond any reasonable budget. (Ummm, hello, Stride Rite? Those are some supercute mandals, but $40 is a bit much. You realize I’ll outgrow them in about 10 minutes, right?) I am completely in LOVE with the Lacoste toddler sneakers, but flying cross country and ripping them from Hudson’s feet would probably be wrong.

So when Mommy glanced across the Marshall’s aisle from where she was pining over the most perfect nude pumps, and saw the double-tongue special-edition Dr. Seuss toddler Converse sneakers for 60% off? Well, they were pretty much definitely coming home with us – I’m lucky they had my size!

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    Poor Mason is getting the short end of the stick. At 11 months, he's worn a pair of shoes twice ROFL

    When he starts walking, I'm totally screwed because my mantra right now is “$14 for a pair of BABY SHOES?! No way!!!”

    (I've bought the same pair of shoes over and over again for the last 5 years. So not a shoe person. LOL)

  2. I DIE OF JEALOUSY. I'm going to sneak off the Marshall's after my doctor's appointment this afternoon JUST IN CASE our store happens to have a pair.

  3. Those are super cute! 🙂 I should get a pair for my boyfriends nephew!

  4. Cute! Ah yes, new size feet. That was a fun surprise post baby 😉

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