Battle Binky

When I was teeny and tiny, I didn’t like the binky.

That right there? That’s me, sleeping without a pacifier plugged in my mouth. (Also? Look how *tiny!*)

Anyway, I didn’t want or need a soother… but I also didn’t eat properly; I wasn’t holding my mouth correctly, so anything I was trying to drink dribbled down my chin, which was not ideal. As part of my action plan to correct the problem, my speech therapist and my pediatrician recommended that I use a specially shaped pacifier to teach me how to curve my tongue.

And you know what? I didn’t even want it! It took over a week of Mommy pushing it into my mouth before I kept it in for more than a few seconds.

And now?

Where I go, so goes my binky.

This? This is me being not entirely certain that the TWO binkies in my hands are enough. Also? I’m not really a morning person.

Apparently, Mommy was supposed to take the binkies away at 8 months, when I wouldn’t really remember it or something. (There was NO way that was happening – I was barely sleeping as it was, Mommy wasn’t about to jeopardize that! In her defense, she banned the binkies to the car and the crib.) Nearing 18 months now, I will *definitely* miss my pacifiers – there is a constant refrain of “binky, binky binky!” when we are nearing nap time, and God help you if you don’t give me my Wubby fast enough when I’m getting buckled into my car seat.

So help. Please! Any great hints for helping me kick the habit? I didn’t make this a New Year’s Resolution because last year’s goal to sleep through the night didn’t really happen until DECEMBER, so my track record there is not so great. Mommy doesn’t really want to face down epic tantrums every 10 minutes either, though, which is why we’ve put it off until now. Any alternative plans to cold-turky-no-binky-bootcamp?

Or does anyone know of where I can get crimson binkies? Because at this rate I’ll be going off to college with one.

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  1. Oh man Cole, we are right there with you! We would love some advice too.

  2. Good luck – we went cold turkey at about 16 months with great success, so I have no other advice to offer!

  3. I've always heard to make the binky's break – first with a small pin hole so the sucking is not as good, then a bigger hole, then cutting off part of the tip until there is no enjoyment from the sucking since there is no resistance. I've also pondered how handing your kid a chopped up binky is safe though….

    Mason only ever uses his for sleeping. I am pretending that because of this, taking it away later on won't be a problem. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *denial*

  4. Oh, dude. We are right there with you. C barely took it at 4 months, by 6 she was hooked and I had just got her to put herself to sleep and nap longer than 30 minutes so there was no way I was taking it from her. At a year, I thought about taking it because she was waking up when she'd lose it at night and instead I just gave her two to go to bed with. Besides? She was only taking it at naptime and nighttime. No big deal.
    Now? At almost 17 months? She wants it all the time. We have at least 3 meltdowns a day because she wants her paci, she whines to play upstairs in her bedroom because she thinks she can have it there. And? I think this is only going to get worse when the baby comes and has a paci all the time.
    So? No advice for you, just lots of sympathy.

  5. Well, we let Emma have her suckie anytime until she was a year old, then it was just for nap and bed time. Then it was just for bed when she was two and a half.
    She turned 3 in January and we had spent the two months before building it up.
    “Oh when you turn three your suckie's are going in the garbage.”
    The day before her birthday I told her in the morning she was going to be a big girl and she needed to throw her suckie's out. She would get a present and we'd have a big party (which we were doing anyway). She teared up a bit after she threw it away and a bit that night, but she's never asked for it since.
    I think the key is to prepare them for what is going to happen.

  6. Well Zach was REALLY into his bink. So much so that if he woke up in the middle of the night and it wasn't within arm's reach he'd flip out. Finally, about 6 months after his first birthday, I gathered them all up and threw them away. He was so confused when he couldn't find any and proceeded to have a temper tantrum for about 30 minutes…and then that was it. He never asked for it again.

    He found one lonesome bink in his toy box a few months ago and popped it into his mouth but spit it right back out 😉

    And Happy Wordy Wednesday! 🙂 Hope you stop by and say hi!

  7. My mommy had me go to the zoo and give them to the baby animals who needed them. Check with the zoo ahead of time and let them know what you are doing. haha.

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