10 Months

Lulu is 10 months old AND it’s Coach’s birthday today!


Lulu has grown a ton this month; she had to get her flu shot yesterday at Dr. Andy’s office, so we snuck in a weigh-in while we were there.  She’s over 20 pounds!

All of a sudden, she has taken mobility to a whole new level – she pulls herself up on *everything.*  She cruises like crazy – she can do LAPS around the coffee table, and? She even lets go once in a while!  Her favorite thing is to follow me everywhere I go and try to play with all my toys. I am *mostly* tolerant of that, but occasionally I need to remind her that “that is not for babies, Baby Lulu!”

Since she’s ALWAYS right next to me, I’ve taken to trying to help her out with the walking.  I keep trying to pick her up and carry her, and if Mommy let me I totally could – I’m strong!

I like to tell Baby Lulu stories in the car, which she likes, and kick her with my feet, which she does NOT.  I also *insist* on holding her hand in the car, and she’s not always in the mood.

She continues to be smiley and happy and flirt with EVERYONE. Now? She claps and waves and is still completely adorable.  She babbles All. The. Time. but she hasn’t really used any words with intention.

The one small issue? Baby Lulu has gone nocturnal or something; her warranty must be up because she is broken.  She no longer sleeps through the night – and Mommy is going to go over the edge.  I am SUPER energetic all day long, so together Lulu & I are running a sleep deprivation experiment.  Our results so far? Mommy is cranky when she isn’t well rested. Also? She publishes sort-of-nervous-breakdown-rants on Facebook.  Good times.  Send sleepy dust, okay?

 Baby Center time!

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Waves goodbye – Yes, and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • Picks things up with pincer grasp – And immediately places them in her mouth.
  • Crawls well with belly off the ground – She is SUPER fast! At Dr. Andy’s today, Mommy said that the next time we visited (at her 12 month appointment), Lulu would be walking. I’ll bet she walks within a few weeks.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent – Not so much; she says “dada” all the time, but not within any context.
  • Indicates wants with gestures – Sure. If by “gestures” you mean ear-piercing shrieking.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Stands alone for a couple of seconds – Yes.
  • Puts objects into a container – I don’t think so… She’s the *queen* of dumping things put of containers, though!

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  1. LOL – what is it about these kiddos and their changing sleeping patterns??!! Insane!

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