I do not perform on command.

I know a lot of words. Signs, too. Mommy and I occasionally have conversations long enough that she feels like I really know what’s going on; of course, ten minutes later it’s back to gibberish. (Shhh! That is my secret plan to drive Mommy crazy – *sometimes* I pretend not to know English.)

Anyway. Occasionally, I will show off my mad skillz in front of other people so they know Mommy’s not making up everything she says when she brags about me, but I *never* perform on camera.

I know a variety of animal noises and the corresponding signs, so Mommy thought it’d be a cute idea to do a video dictionary. A week’s worth of attempts later and the best we’ve got is a half-hearted fish sign, and insane “baa-ing” for the sheep.

I play hide-and-seek; At least once a week I sneak behind the bedroom curtains and wait for Mommy or Daddy to ask where I am – then I leap out and yell “Ta da!” (DA!) We do this for a few rounds until, inevitably, Mommy whips out the video camera, which is coincidentally when I tire of the game.

I have a few examples to prove my point; in this first video, I am wearing my new Sesame Street helmet (for ice skating). I *really* like it because it has Big Bird and Abby and Cookie Monster on it, and I insist on wearing my “hat” around the house every once in a while. When we first got it, Mommy hadn’t adjusted it fully yet and it was still a little loose. I liked to pull it down over my eyes and then pull it up and yell “ta da!” (we’re BIG on ta da in this house). You can *sort* of see me do it ONCE before I realized Mommy was filming and didn’t want to do it any more. (Don’t mind the drippy nose…)

Example #2:

I was rocking really nicely on my chair and Mommy was going to take some video to include in Tuesday’s post. As soon as she pulled out her phone to record, though, I hopped off my rocker like it was an electric chair! I *did* deign to hug my monkey, but didn’t show off any kisses – Mommy was pushing her luck.

Yes, we have heard of plates. But when Mommy puts a plate on the coffee table, I view it more as a frisbee, which Mommy frowns upon.

So. That was my sad attempt at vlogging. And I can totally do a somersault – but only when Mommy and I are alone…

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  1. Yep – Matthew usually clams up in front of the camera too. How do they know???!!

  2. I can't watch videos at work, so I had to wait till today to watch these!

    I've figured out your problem – most performing circus animals are bribed WITH food, not given their treats before they perform!! LOL

    Mason totally stops any and all cuteness when the camera comes out too. He thinks Cole's helmet is pretty cool though!! (All the cool kids have helmets, don't you know!?)

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