10 Months

Lulu is 10 months old AND it’s Coach’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH! Lulu has grown a ton this month; she had to get her flu shot yesterday at Dr. Andy’s office, so we snuck in a weigh-in while we were there.  She’s over 20 pounds!All of a sudden, she … Continue reading

Polar Opposites

Baby Lulu and I are both totally adorable – but that is where the similarities end.  If ever there was an argument for “nature” in the nature vs. nurture debate, we are it. We were both born at night, at 38 weeks 1 day.  We were both born via caesarean … Continue reading

8 Months

Poor Baby lulu – she is so clearly the second child.  Neglect-o-baby!  Monday, as I’ve mentioned, was my first day of school – but it was also Baby Lulu’s 8 monthday and her first day of Music for Aardvarks – and yet you’ve heard nothing of that, have you? AND … Continue reading

Lulu, 6 Months

Lulu is full on *halfway* to her first birthday.  Seriously! Anyway.  She has 2 bottom teeth and is working on a top one – and she REALLY wants to use them…  She will watch you like a *hawk* while you’re eating, but Mommy says she’s still too little to share.  … Continue reading