Beach Baby

Daddy and almost everyone around here went back to school today, but my preschool doesn’t start until next week, so I thought I’d stretch out my summer vacation recap… 

First up are some pictures; Lulu completely *loved* the beach – the sand, the ocean, everything about it.  She is the star of today’s post!

Our timeshare was right across the street from the beach, so Baby Lulu rode there every day on Mommy’s back.

Mommy was trying to get my 2012 birthday beach pic, but Lulu was a much more willing model.
 She really loved playing with the sand…
 …but did not particularly care for the taste.
Crawling is hard, but Baby Lulu was cheerful even after she took a little tumble.
See? Sandy, but happy.  Also? Isn’t she gorgeous?
 She was totally unimpressed with leaving the beach at the end of the day…
 …but it’s okay, Baby Lulu – we got to go back!
This picture is cheating a little bit, because it’s not from our Ocean City trip; we went to Long Branch on Friday, and Sleeping Beauty took a little nap.  All of the swimming really takes it out of a baby!
Stay tuned for more great OC pics aaaaannnnnnd for pics from my trip to go see dinosaurs!
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  1. Awwwww, what an adorable beach baby! That is awesome that she loves the beach so much!!!

  2. Holy cow, Lulu is a super cute baby. When did she get so big?!

  3. She is gorgeous! Lulu looks like your Mommy. You have a beautiful family!

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