Polar Opposites

Baby Lulu and I are both totally adorable – but that is where the similarities end.  If ever there was an argument for “nature” in the nature vs. nurture debate, we are it.

We were both born at night, at 38 weeks 1 day.  We were both born via caesarean section, but the experiences could not have been more different.  My birth was a scary, emergency event that landed Mommy in the ICU overnight.  Lulu made calmer entry, and she and Mommy were comfortably rooming in together an hour after she was born.

From the start, I had *personality.* I am stubborn and opinionated and never hesitate to make my thoughts KNOWN. I spent the vast majority of the first 6 months of my life screaming my head off for one reason or another.

Lulu is much more mellow.  She is quiet and calm and smiley. Daddy was actually afraid to take her anywhere for the first 6 months of her life because he worried he might forget about her and leave her behind.  (There is NO WAY anyone would EVER forget about me!)

I did not sleep through the night until 16 months.  Lulu got a solid 8 hour stretch in by 6 weeks.  I preferred to sleep on my tummy…

Lulu sleeps on her back.

I have always been a confirmed Mommy’s boy; Lulu is definitely Daddy’s little princess.

I look like Daddy’s mini-me.

Lulu takes after Mommy.

Mommy can’t wait to see how we grow!  We do have one more thing in common: she loves both of us THE MOST.
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