On the Move

I had a completely different post thought up and ready for today, but then this happened: Tubthumping, Chumbawumba I know nobody, except maybe Grammy and Grandma, made it through all 4 minutes, but did you get the gist of it? I’m WALKING. !!! A few notes: That movie? NOT on … Continue reading

Big Brother

Hi! Welcome to another Twitter Blog Hop! The theme for this month is pets, but since we don’t have any pets, I guess I’ll have to talk about my big brother, Henry. Henry was Mommy and Daddy’s first baby – he is an almost-two-year-old Wheaten Terrier. He was actually born … Continue reading

Bad Influence

I’ve already posted on here about how Henry and I “share.” At least I don’t *destroy* his stuff when I take it! Sometimes, it’s a real advantage having Henry as my big brother – he taught me to crawl, and he’s motivating me to learn how to walk! He likes … Continue reading