Bad Influence

I’ve already posted on here about how Henry and I “share.” At least I don’t *destroy* his stuff when I take it!

Sometimes, it’s a real advantage having Henry as my big brother – he taught me to crawl, and he’s motivating me to learn how to walk! He likes to make me giggle by licking my hands and feet.

On the other hand, he steals all my stuff and chews on it, and occasionally he gets over-excited and runs me over.

For the most part, though, I look up to him and try to be just like him. This may or may not get me into trouble as we grow up together.

Henry, June 2009

Me, Yesterday

If you look closely at this last one, you can see that I dragged in Mommy’s shoes to play with, too…
…just like Henry.

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  1. my son has that romper. he wore it on Monday. lets make sure they arent wearing the same outfit when we hang out!

  2. Hey Nick,
    Stop telling on me so much 🙁
    Let's play later, OK?

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