On the Move

I had a completely different post thought up and ready for today, but then this happened:

Tubthumping, Chumbawumba

I know nobody, except maybe Grammy and Grandma, made it through all 4 minutes, but did you get the gist of it? I’m WALKING.


A few notes:

  1. That movie? NOT on a loop – I literally stood up, took a step or two, fell, and then, undeterred, got back up and tried again… FOR AN HOUR. If you watch closely, somewhere in the middle I take about 4 steps, which I did a few times and was about as far as I got for now.
  2. You’ll notice that I’m randomly standing up *in the middle of the room* – not cruising or pulling up on anything. I’ve never done even *that* much before, so Mommy was all amazed even before I tried to move forward. Also? Is it weird that I just tried walking from the middle of the room? Mommy kind of expected me to be cruising and let go one day…
  3. Ummmm, please disregard all the dog toys and books on the floor – it was the end of the day. Also, Henry is mortified to appear so scraggly looking – he needs a bath and a haircut AND we went to the beach on Saturday, so he’s not looking his most handsome.

So yeah, I totally walk now. Whatever.

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  1. Great job, Cole! You are doing so good! That video made me laugh so hard. Your random frog hops were too funny!

  2. Wow! What a determined little boy! Congrats!!! 🙂

  3. great video! go Cole!

    for C it was walking first, then about twwo weeks before he could get up on his own.

  4. He is cute in more than just the “I'm a baby so therefore I'm cute” way. Determined is definitely the word! How adorable!

  5. This is such a milestone I am going to try to post a comment. Great Job, Cole. And thanks to Mommy for catching this on video for us!

  6. Yay Cole! Now you can come run around in the back yard with Rylie! Bryce should be running around with you guys soon, but not quite yet.

    And I did watch the whole video. Not only because you are ridiculously cute, but because I like that song too!

    p.s. Tell your mom I grabbed your button and put it in my blog. 🙂

  7. Aunt Angela and Uncle David Can't wait for you to come and run around our new place!!! xoxoxo

  8. That is so cute! Isnt it awesome to see them walk for the first time…they try so hard, love it!!! Now the fun begins 🙂

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