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Hi! Welcome to another Twitter Blog Hop! The theme for this month is pets, but since we don’t have any pets, I guess I’ll have to talk about my big brother, Henry.

Henry was Mommy and Daddy’s first baby – he is an almost-two-year-old Wheaten Terrier. He was actually born just 3 days after Mommy and Daddy got married (so sometimes Daddy gets Henry’s birthday and their anniversary mixed up.)

From his very first puppy days, Henry helped Daddy practice and get ready for me – he needed constant attention and was always getting into trouble. He even got up in the middle of the night to go out for the first month or so!

Henry grew, though, and learned a lot. He learned to sleep through the night (a skill I have yet to master) and to sit, stay, and roll over.

He also developed a taste for Daddy’s shoes, a love of napping on the couch, and good manners for getting treats. Mommy has almost as many pictures of Henry’s first year as she has of mine!

Like any big brother, sometimes Henry wants to get away from me… Most of the time, though, we are busy playing together and teaming up to make mischief!

Seriously, remember how I said Mommy had a TON of pictures? Here you go!

Henry is the greatest big brother a guy could ask for – he shares his toys, taught me to crawl, lets me climb all over him, and doesn’t get mad if I pull on his ears a little bit. He is also a humaitarian (dogitarian?). When we heard about the Be the Change: Dog Days of Summer Shelter Shower, we knew we had to participate.

Bloggers all over the country are donating food and supplies to local shelters, so Mommy and I went shopping at the dollar store to pick up some stuff from our local shelter’s wish list. We were able to get a big pile to take over!

Please consider contacting your local shelter to see if there’s anything they need that you can supply – lots of places will take old newspapers and clean towels, so your donation needn’t cost you too much if you’re on a budget!

::steps off soapbox::

I hope you guys enjoyed meeting Henry – if you visit here often you’ve seen him lots before! This is a blog hop – so link up your pet posts below! (If you need help, check here or DM me.) Want to participate in the August Hop? Check back here next week for the topic and the date!

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  1. Terrific post! Totally inspired me to write a post about my baby's big brother, Pete!
    And really great idea donating. We took a lot of Pete's old toys, some blankets, newspaper, bags of food, and some bowls to our shelter before. I'll have to donate again!

  2. Woo hoo! I LOVE it!! 😀

  3. Oh my gosh he's so cute. Does he shed???

  4. So cute! I added my blog. I'll do the post in a few! 🙂

  5. such cute pics of Henry and Cole! brotherly love!

  6. Oh my gosh, Cole, I just love love love those pictures of you and Henry. As a former fundraising coordinator for my local animal shelter, thank you so much for donating to your local shelter. That's a pretty great thing to do, especially when you could have spent that money on toys!!

    If Mason's older siblings weren't 70 pounds, we'd have a lot more cute pictures of them together like you and Henry! Some day…

  7. my family got a wheaten my senior year of high school–seeing those puppy pictures (chocolate and caramel!) makes me wish bailey was just a pup again. =)

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