Maybe MRI?

Everyone has asked us 853 times what we need. And really, aside from cloning me and/or providing more hours in a day, there isn’t much. But we absolutely could use some good juju around here. Please send some misheberachs or positive vibes or whatever prayers you’ve got our way.

Last week, Lu got her cast off which has been terrific – she immediately regained a bunch of mobility and is using crutches instead of her diva walker. She can also remove the brace at night and to bathe which is pretty great.

Thursday is supposed to be Lulu’s big trip into the city for some answers. She has a pediatric urologist appointment in the morning, followed immediately by a lot of MRIs. A LOT OF MRIs. This is supposed to give us allllllllllll the information, which we are really going for because if this is inconclusive, the next step they have been discussing is a lumbar puncture.

The MRI office called me on Tuesday to ask some pre-visit questions and we failed. Lu has a bit of sniffles and a slight cough and that might mean we need to reschedule since the anesthesiologist wants her “free of cold symptoms for 2 weeks” before sedation. If any of you know how to keep a school-aged child completely free of cold symptoms for two full weeks, I’m all ears because… what??

And then she woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday-Wednesday throwing up.

Sooooooo… in the midst of all of that, Cole’s meds dosage is off and he is slowly losing his mind so I’m trying to get him in to see HIS doctor, but I’m hanging on by a thread.

Tomorrow, we head into the city. Hopefully we will be able to get all of the scans we need, and they tell us SOMETHING. Will keep you updated.

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